Santa Cruz District

The Barrio Santa Cruz, as the district is called today, still preserves its medieval character with small narrow streets leading to squares where colorful, tiled benches invite you to rest in the shade or simply eat beneath the sky. It was the old Jewish quarter, once one of the largest, along with those in Toledo and Córdoba, and probably the oldest community in Spain.

I invite you to explore the historic center and walk along those narrow streets lined with hundreds of orange trees and discover also Seville's amusing, folcloric and always colourful side. Over 3,000 hours of sunshine bath the city into a golden light; one of the reasons why the everyday life takes place outside in the cafes or lots of tapas bars. Furthermore you will learn that Seville is called the “city of the opera”, because of its folklore and legendary characters such as Don Giovanni, Figaro or Carmen. It was considered a key location for romantic writers and travelers like Prosper Mérimée or Washington Irving, who were inspired by Seville´s exotic flair and traditions. Today, those customs, such as bullfighting, flamenco, the April Fair or the famous Semana Santa, the Holy Week, provide an interesting contrast to the contemporary trends in architecture, art or gastronomy.

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